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Greetings cyber travelers!
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 Florida is home to:

The awesome "Dolphins" Football team,

Have you ever wondered who won the Super Bowl in what year?
Well then just type in a number 1-39,
click process and it will tell you who won,
who lost, and what year it was !
**Note : You have to a Java Compatible Browser for this to work !**

Enter a Super Bowl Number (1-39):clue: the first super bowl was 1 and 2007 is number 41

The winner of that Super Bowl was the: 
The loser was the: 
The year was: 

The best in baseball, "Florida Marlins",

Webpromotion - 3D Web Animation
The "Panthers" Ice Hockey team,

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The Miami Heat and The Orlando Magic
of Basketball Fame
and the Miami Fusion Soccer team

My wife, Becky

The love of my life.

We were married
on January 1, 2005

Wedding Invitation

and another good
I live with my wife in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, two Pit Bulls, "Razor" and "Ripper" and  three goldfish.*
I am an avid sports fan
I am also a Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond with it!

Email: Paul Depalma
Here is a quick link to all the Florida Sports Teams

*PS. I lied about the goldfish!

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