The Divas Take Manhattan and Chinatown
48 hours of Food and Fun
May 2008
Photos: Diva Donna

Diane Sobo, Donna Mordine, M.E. DePalma and Hadny Fayyaz
Divas: Diane Sobo, M.E. DePalma, Hadny Fayyaz and Donna Mordini
Doing Wine at the Affinia 50

Shopping on Mott Street and Dinner at the Peking Duck followed by Cannoli from Ferrara's Bakery

Donna Mordini, M.E. DePalma, Diane Sobo and Hadny Fayyaz

Big Wong
Diane  is still shopping!

Our Morning Wake up call was..............HE HAW
as Jack Hanna's  troup came in the hotel that morning , after  appearing on "Good Morning  America", with Elijah the miniature donkey, Elvis the bobcat,  baby falcons and a minature horse - HE HAW!

 Greenwich Village Treats/Walking Tour
Greenwich Village smallest house -at the Palma Restaurantat the Lime Restaurant
Learning, Eating and Street Walking -
Pizza, Rice Balls, Cookies, Gelato, Breads, Olive Oils , Cheese, Pesto, Thai pockets , cannoli, and more Pizza, YUM!

Dinner at Gordon Ramsey's in the London Hotel

Donna goes to church to confess sins of gluttony!
donna mordini

donna mordini at Rockefeller Centerme depalma at Rockefeller Center

At Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center